ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Camera Review

ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Monochrome camera

Manufacturer: ZWO

Current Price: $3799

The ZWO ASI6200MM Pro is a cooled monochrome Astrophotography camera. It is manufactured by ZWO Optical, well-known in the astronomy community for producing affordable, quality equipment. The ASI6200MM Pro offers advanced features and a full-frame sensor, making it a popular choice among astrophotographers.

Key Features:

Sensor: The ASI6200MM Pro features a full-frame 35mm format Sony IMX455 back-illuminated CMOS sensor with a resolution of 62 megapixels (9576 x 6388 pixels), with 3.76-micrometer square pixels.

Cooling System: The camera includes a highly efficient built-in two-stage TEC cooling system. This cooling system can lower the sensor temperature to around -35°C below ambient temperature to reduce the noise generated by the electronics during long exposures. One caveat is that the camera needs a 12v 3amp power supply to achieve this cooling. This can only be done with a separate, not included, power adapter on another ZWO accessory (any version of the ASIAir) that can supply power.

High Quantum Efficiency: The 91% quantum efficiency means that almost all of the light that strikes the sensor will be converted into measurable electrons.

Large Sensor Size: The full-frame 35mm format sensor offers a large imaging area. This is perfect for capturing large objects without needing to use assembled mosaics. The diameter of the sensor is 43.2mm.

ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Camera large full frame sensor
ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Camera Large Full Frame Sensor

USB 3.0 Interface: Ensuring fast and efficient image download.

Filter Compatibility: The camera is compatible with many modern filter holder/changers.

Video capability: This camera can shoot 8K video.

Low dark current: 300s exposure will only cause 1.2e of dark current noise!

Short back focus: Short back focus of only 17.5 mm, leaving ample room for accessories in the image train.



Low noise and dark current

Full frame sensor

Large full-well electron capacity

Cooling to -35C below ambient


AC adapter sold separately


Overall, the ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Cooled Monochrome Camera offers astrophotographers a powerful imaging tool with its high resolution, large sensor size, efficient cooling system, and advanced features. It is designed to deliver excellent image quality and is well-suited for capturing deep-sky objects, galaxies, nebulae, and other astronomical phenomena. Remember this camera is monochrome. That means that color filters will be required to produce color images, and a separate power supply is required

Verdict: 4.5/5 Stars. The camera is great, but I am deducting some for the lack of included power supply.


ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Camera specs

Key ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Specs
Analog to Digital Converter 16 bit
Back Focus
Cooling 35C below ambient
Full frame resolution frame rate 9fps
Pixel Array 9576 x 6388
Pixel Size 3.76micrometer
Megapixels 61.2MP
Quantum Efficiency 91%
Sensor size Full Frame diameter 43.2mm
Sensor type CMOS
Weight 1.4lbs.

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