What is Telescope Magnification?

Telescope magnification

The term magnification or “power” is often used to describe department store telescopes in order to oversimplify the “quality” of the scope. It makes it sound like a telescope with a magnification of 100x is more powerful, and therefore of higher quality, than one with 50x magnification. This is really far from the truth and … Read more

Planetary Astrophotography

There are other objects to photograph other than galaxies and nebulae, also known as deep sky objects (DSO’s). Solar system objects including the planets, sun and moon are also favorite targets for astrophotographers, especially when you can tease out detail, such as the bands of Jupiter or rings of Saturn. Planetary imaging is not quite … Read more

What is plate solving?

OK, not that kind of plate! Simply put, plate solving is comparing an astronomical mage with a known database to determine the exact coordinates to which the telescope is pointing. As accurate as the pointing is for some high-quality telescope mounts, there is enough potential pointing error that the intended object may not appear on … Read more

What’s in the Sky Tonight – Summer Season

Milky Way Galaxy

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere (June through September) is a great time for astrophotography since the nighttime sky is pointing directly into the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. This part of the sky is rich in bright and colorful nebulae. This applies to both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Many of these objects are … Read more