Full-frame Or APS-C Sensor – How To Choose

Full Frame vs APS-C

Today, I’m going to guide you through the fascinating world of camera sensors, starting with the very foundation. You’re going to find out about how these impressive pieces of technology capture the light and magic of the world around us, with a special focus on full-frame and APS-C sensors. At their core, camera sensors are… Read Full Article

Common Astrophotography Terms

Astrophotography Dictionary

  When I started out in the astrophotography hobby, there were many terms I had to learn. One of the first real purchases I made was a tracking telescope. It was a Meade LX200, which was a real workhorse in the hobby. When the salesperson told me it was a catadioptric telescope, of course I… Read Full Article

WarpAstron WD 20 Mount Review

WarpAstron WD-20 Front Plate

Picture a clear night sky, where the stars are begging to be explored. As an astronomy enthusiast, I know that a sturdy and precise mount is the backbone of any stargazing or astrophotography setup. I have to admit that the new strain wave mount design has captured my interest as well as the interest of… Read Full Article

Nikon D810a Vs Canon EOS Ra

Canon EOS Ra vs Nikon D810a

Astrophotography captures the beauty of the cosmos, turning the night sky into a canvas of stars, galaxies, and nebulae. A pursuit that marries art with science, it requires precision tools to translate the faintest glimmer of distant stars into stunning, crisp images. The choice of camera comes down to dedicated astrophotography cameras or DSLR or… Read Full Article

What Is In The Sky Tonight – Summer Edition

Milky Way Galaxy

As I gaze upward during the northern hemisphere’s summer months, I’m met with a canvas sprinkled with stellar spectacles. The sky transforms into a grand stage, featuring some of the most awe-inspiring celestial players. I recognize that summer astrophotography presents both tantalizing challenges and remarkable rewards. Grappling with the warm, humid air and contending with… Read Full Article

Safety Tips For Nighttime Photography

NIghttime hazards

Is it safe to photograph at night? It is always wise to take precautions when photographing at night or in remote locations. As long as you observe basic safety measures, you can make it as safe and enjoyable as possible. Astrophotography offers a window into the wonders of the cosmos, but it’s not without its… Read Full Article

What is Planetarium Software?

KStars Control Panel

Planetarium software simulates the night sky, allowing users to visualize stars, planets, constellations, and celestial objects based on the user’s time and location. It’s used for education, amateur astronomy, and astrophotography, offering interactive sky maps and real-time tracking of astronomical events. Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and felt a profound curiosity… Read Full Article

What Are Meteor Showers

Meteor Shower at Dusk

A meteor shower is a celestial event where meteors appear to emanate from a single point. They are named for the constellation from which they seem to originate These recurring events are caused by the Earth traveling through debris left behind in the paths of comets. Imagine a night sky erupting with streaks of light,… Read Full Article