How To Choose A Smart Telescope

If you’ve ever gazed up at the night sky and yearned for a closer look at its wonders, you’re in for a treat. Astronomy, a time-honored hobby that has captivated humans for millennia, is now embracing modern technology in a way that’s revolutionizing the field. I’m talking about the advent of smart telescopes. This isn’t … Read more

Light Pollution Filters For Astrophotography

In a perfect astrophotography world, we would live in the modern world, but with one exception: nighttime lighting would be minimal or nonexistent. Although that scenario is not realistic, we can achieve something similar. There are a variety of optical filters that do a fine job of filtering out the wavelengths of common lighting fixtures … Read more

Unistellar eVscope 2 Review

unistellar evscope 2

Manufacturer: UniStellar Price: $5199 Unistellar has released an upgraded version of its popular all-in-one astronomy/astrophotography smart telescopes. Like its little brothers the eQuinox and the eQuinox 2, the eVScope 2 is a self-contained telescope and camera combination that offers a live view of celestial objects that gets enhanced over time using image stacking. The result … Read more

Vespera II Smart Telescope Review

Manufacturer: Vaonis Price: $1599 The Vaonis Vespera II Smart Telescope is another offering in a fast-developing market for all-in-one astrophotography equipment designed to simplify observing and capturing remarkable real-time images of celestial objects. The Vespera II is a more advanced version of the Original Vespera. The 50mm aperture remains the same, but the sensor is … Read more

Astrophotography Gear Recommendations

When I first thought about how to write this article, I wanted to try to come up with price brackets for different budgets. However, I could not come up with any decent combination that was under $1000. In all the years I have been enjoying this hobby, there is one constant principle that I have … Read more

Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope) Review

Coronado PST Price: $899.99 Southern California has a reputation for mild sunny days. But for those of us who live in coastal California, those beautiful sunny days are often followed by cloudy nights when the low clouds roll in from off the coast. This is particularly the case during the late spring and early summer. … Read more

Dwarf II Smart Telescope Review

Price: $459 (Classic Version) $595 (Recommended Deluxe Version) The competition for an easy-to-use (suitable for beginners) smart telescope-camera combination heats up with the introduction of the DWARF II smart telescope from DwarfLab. The Dwarf II is a portable and ultra-light smart telescope with a built-in AI and can be controlled through a mobile app, making … Read more

The Apertura 518Wh Power Supply Review

Price: $549.95 The Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply is a 518Wh astronomy-dedicated power supply that can keep your gear running all night long. It’s a great option for astrophotographers who need to power their equipment for extended periods. Compared to other common portable power supplies, the Apertura has a capacity of more than triple … Read more