What Are the Different Types of Telescopes?

Telescope in night sky

If you are purchasing a telescope, you may ask yourself “what is the best type of telescope?”. There is no single answer to this question. Let’s start out by giving the characteristics of each type. There are three main types of telescopes The three primary types of telescopes are refractor telescopes (also called refracting telescopes),  … Read more

What’s in the Sky Tonight (Spring Season)?

Ring Nebula NASA

Spring is a great time for astrophotography as there are many interesting targets visible in the night sky. Spring is also known as “galaxy season” to astrophotographers, since so many of the best objects during this time of year are galaxies. Here are a few suggestions for what’s happening in the sky tonight in the … Read more

Messier Marathon – A fun spring challenge

What is a Messier Object? Let’s start with what Messier objects are. The Messier Catalog, also known as the “Catalog of Nebulae and Star Clusters”, is a list of 110 astronomical objects that was first compiled by the French astronomer Charles Messier in the 18th century. What is the Messier Catalog? The catalog contains a … Read more

Free Astrophotography Software N.I.N.A. Review

N.I.N.A software

There are a number of free astronomy software products. NINA (Nighttime Imaging ‘N’ Astronomy) is free, open-source astrophotography software designed to help amateur astronomers and astrophotographers capture and analyze astronomical images. Most every aspect of capturing astronomical images can be controlled and even automated by N.I.N.A. Currently N.I.N.A is only available for Windows operating system. … Read more

iOptron CEM70 Telescope Mount

Telescope Mount

iOptron CEM70 Advanced Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount Price: Starting at $3228      The iOptron CEM70 is an equatorial mount that is very good for both imaging and visual use. Casual observers do not need this degree of accurate tracking, so I would recommend it mainly for long-exposure imaging. I have been using this mount … Read more

Overcoming Light Pollution

Astrophotography is a rewarding, but challenging hobby. The equipment and software learning curve tends to be high. But learning equipment and software is not the only challenge. Light pollution also can severely impact image quality. One hundred years ago, almost everyone on earth could go outside at night and see the Milky Way Galaxy in … Read more