Dealing with Dew on a Humid Night

dew heater, dew controller, dew zapper

Summer in much of the world brings warm temperatures and often times brings nighttime dew. Dew accumulation can ruin a night of astrophotography by decreasing and diffusing the light that reaches the eyepiece or camera sensor. To fight dew on a telescope, you can employ several methods and tools to minimize or eliminate its impact … Read more

ZWO FF130 Refractor Telescope Review

Petzval telescope

Manufacturer: Zwo Price: $3499 Zwo is well known in the astrophotography world for producing excellent astronomy gear at reasonable prices. Well, now the company has ramped up the competition for quality refractor telescopes designed specifically for astrophotography, also called astrographs. The ZWO FF130 Apo 130mm f/7.7 Petzval Refractor Telescope is a high-end telescope that is … Read more

Cloudy Nights? No Problem!

Cloudy Night

Our weather in Southern California has been persistently cloudy and gloomy. Typically, this time of year we get cloudy nights that clear to sunny days. But for months now the sky has not cleared during the day, and the nights have remained cloudy and sometimes drizzly. Weather naturally contributes to our ability to enjoy the … Read more

William Optics RedCat 61 Review

Manufacturer: William Optics Price: $1598 William Optics RedCat 61 Apochromatic Petzval Refractor William Optics has done it again. Following up its wildly popular RedCat 51 and RedCat 71, the company has released its new RedCat 61. The latest version comes with some new enhancements including its novel patented internal focusing mechanism. This scope features a … Read more