ZWO EAF Electronic Focuser Review

ZWO – EAF 5V (Electronic Automatic Focuser) Price: $199 as of the time of this review (accessories sold separately). See current price Price $248 with accessories See current price Manufacturer: ZWO Introduction When is comes to astrophotography equipment and achieving the best images, experienced astrophotographers know that precise telescope focusing is critical. You could spend … Read more

Pegasus Powerbox Advanced Gen 2 Review

Pegasus Powerbox Advanced Generation 2 Price: $341.82 (as of the time of this review) Website: Introduction Experienced astrophotographers know that technology has made this hobby much easier than it was 20 years, or even 10 years ago. Technology has allowed much of what we do to be automated. This type of automation requires power, … Read more

Introduction to Image Calibration

Everyone who’s done much in the field of astrophotography knows that capturing the images is only half the battle. Once you have those carefully planned and captured images, how do you turn them into magazine worthy pictures? Calibration Astrophotos are not simple point-and-click images. In other words, they need a lot of work to bring … Read more