Sharpstar SCA260 Review

Sharpstar SCA260

Manufacturer: Sharpstar

Price: $4195

The SCA260 is a new large aperture astrograph made by Sharpstar. It has a very large 260mm (10.2 inch) aperture and a focal length of 1300mm. This combination results in a relatively fast focal ratio of f/5. This fast focal ratio is very desirable for astrophotography given the long exposures necessary for most objects. The lower the focal ratio (faster optics) the shorter the exposures necessary to capture dim objects.


Usable Field of View


Astrographs are designed to provide a flat field natively and the SCA260 is no exception. It comes with a three-element corrector that results in a whopping 80mm image circle. This would easily cover a full-frame camera sensor. The manufacturer claims the image circle is flat across the entire field. This is by far the largest image circle that I am aware of in a mid-range or lower telescope! The tube is a durable carbon fiber construction that helps keep the weight down compared to other large scopes.


Optical Tube Assembly


This scope design benefits from having cooling fans to help quickly stabilize the temperature of the optics. It comes with a large 3.35-inch two-speed focuser to allow ultra-fine-tuning of the focus. Both M54x0.75 and M48x0.75 threads are incorporated in the focuser to allow connection to a wide range of cameras and accessories. The tube attaches to a mount with a Losmandy D rail on the bottom.

Sharpstar SCA260 (mount sold separately



· Huge image circle

· Fast optics (f/5)

· Large flat field

· Integrated field rotator (change framing without changing focus)



· Cooling fans require power supply- not included

· Large secondary mirror makes it less than optimal for planets

· Tight alignment tolerance may require more frequent collimation


Verdict 4.5/5 Stars

Sharpstar makes high-quality affordable telescopes. If you are interested in a refractor, check out Sharpstar’s FRA500 refractor or the Askar V modular refractor. This telescope will satisfy even the most demanding astrophotographer. Its huge image circle ensures the scope will be able to keep up with the ever-increasing image sensor size.

Sharpstar SCA260 specs

Sharpstar SCA260 Specs
Focal Length 1300 mm
Aperture 260 mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Weight 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
Tube Material Carbon Fiber
Focuser 3.3 inch
Image circle 80 mm

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