Your First Total Solar Eclipse

If this is your first total solar eclipse, make sure you soak in the whole thing. Many people who are witnessing their first eclipse focus too much on trying to capture the event with a camera. Getting really good photos of eclipses is really a highly specialized field of photography. Because of the changing lighting … Read more

Lunt Solar 80mm f/7 Telescope Review

Lunt 80mm Modular Solar Telescope

Manufacturer: Lunt Price: $5077with rack-and-pinion focuser With the upcoming April 2024 North America Eclipse approaching, I thought it would be interesting to pique the interest of astronomy enthusiasts in solar observing before the big event by reviewing a solar telescope. Quality telescopes can be a bit pricey, and telescopes made specifically for solar observing are … Read more

Solar Eclipse 2024 – Get Ready Now

Total Solar Eclipse, solar eclipse

   A rare treat is in store for the three major countries of North America on April 8, 2024, when a total solar eclipse follows a path making landfall starting near Mazatl├ín, Mexico, traveling through the south-central part of the U.S. and tracking northeast until it leaves the U.S. near Caribou, Maine. Many people in … Read more