What a Difference Experience Makes!

I thought it might be interesting to see the difference between one of my early images of the Horsehead Nebula with a more recent image of the same object. The difference in the two images is striking. Some of the difference is based on the learning curve (although I was quite pleased with the older … Read more

My Start in Long Exposure Astrophotography

Telescope in night sky

I was just starting to get a feel for astrophotography basics. But my astrophotography setup was still evolving. I have already mentioned the necessity of autoguiding with astrophotography. The reason is simple: astronomical objects (outside of solar system objects like the planets, moon and sun) are mostly very dim. A simple auto exposure snapshot is … Read more

My Early Beginnings in Astrophotography

About 25 years ago, I was a beginner in astrophotography. I knew that I liked the beautiful pictures I saw in magazines and on the boxes of department store telescopes, but not much more about how to achieve those results. I really had no idea about astrophotography basics or astrophotography equipment. I was aware however … Read more